Back once again with the renegade master.

Weekend Reading CXCII

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I am slowly coming to terms with the idea that I have no idea how Roman numerals work.

Ford Skipping to Level 4 Car autonomy because their Engineers keep falling asleep

Weekend Reading CXCI

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What the Internet Looks Like

There is, of course, a relevant reddit too.

‘I thought I was smarter than almost everybody’: my double life as a KGB agent

The red paint smear on the column in the metro station is so very reminiscent of a spy film. It’s hard to imagine how someone can live a lie like that.

Why Great Critics make Disastrous Judgments

There’s an enormous luck factor, and a fashion in whether these critical judgments are indeed errors. Countless works now indisputably part of the canon of literature, film, or music were at one point forgotten, or judged irrelevant.

Living in the Atomic Bunkers of Beijing

One was sold in Northern Ireland for £575,0000. No clue if it was for accommodation.

Weekend Reading CXC

by uber

I’m still trying to figure out the optimal timing for this given my new home time zone. Comments welcome.

To Live Your Best Life, Do Mathematics


M&M and Skittles Sorting Machine

Tempted to do one for Jellybeans, though the flavours here have complex RBG profiles.

The Secret History of the LaCroix Label

I hadn’t encountered this drink until I recently started visiting the States more regularly. For the uninitiated, it’s a sparkling water with a hint of fruit flavour, without a strong sweetened feel. The resulting tastes of the flavours can be upredictable, with some having a quite bitter or sour after-taste. The right one at the right time is quite refreshing. I wonder if the labelling that looks like junk might help by leveraging our packaging biases?

Who Killed the British Curry House?

It’s a matter of curiosity to me that the curry house never prospered in Ireland, but the Italian Chipper did. This despite the fact that it was Spaniards and Irish that invented fish and chips, allegedly.

Weekend Reading CLXXXIX

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Spot the error #menlo

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Wired in the 1990s

VR escapism, Neural Network singularity, and Fusion abundance have been just around the corner for the last two decades. How many more cycles to go? Are we less hopeful now?

Apartment Find: This Ferrari 250 GT PF Coupe Was Hidden In Hollywood For Decades

I can’t imagine the thinking behind making a door out of an apartment wall to fit a car in it. Surely the rental income would have paid for a garage?

On the Literary Sources of D&D

It’s a challenge to think of the source and derivative works of such an iconic thing as D&D. Thing that have become cliché that were invented there, or which have become embedded generally in our minds. One such example is the Paladin.”>href=””>

Weekend Reading CLXXXVIII

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This is my last Weekend Reading posted from Ireland. I move to California on the morrow. Slán go fóill.

It’s usually difficult for people to agree on a crowd’s size. Here’s why.

Crowd Counting seems to be one of those problems that should be simple enough, but in practice seem not to be.

What Happens When You Mix Java with a 1960 IBM Mainframe

I understand that there are ancient mainframes in banks, insurers, and airlines, as well as government. I imagine it is because they 1. cover far reaching events, 2. have massive risk of interruption or failure. There is also little reward promised for the new system. The massive level of failure of IT projects must also make people carefully wary of re-engineering something that works.

Tokyo’s Flood Measures

I especially like the part where the representative encourages them to please film quickly because there is rain falling and they are at the bottom of a 70m x 30m container.

Social Media and Fake News in the 2016 Election