Mars Attacks

by dixie

It’s easy to get wrapped up in one’s personal drama. Even when one might be forgiven for being so enwrapped (there does exist, after all, legitimate drama), it’s often beneficial to peer out and see how everyone else’s life is going.

It has been a powerful bad fortnight for nearly everyone I know and a lot of people I don’t know. There’s drama of many sorts: personal, professional, and political. There’s danger. And all along the way there are little teeny problems that would merit a funny blog entry on their own but are currently too insignificant next to everything else that’s going catastrophically wrong.

I blame Mars.

No, seriously. This is a pretty wacky series of coincidences, don’t you think? All kinds of unrelated bad things are happening to people who don’t generally have drama in their lives. Something fishy is happening.

Also from the “spooky signs” department, I had an interesting morning. I moved Cassidy (my seldom-mentioned but dearly beloved ball python) from my house to my lab this morning. I extracted him from his tank and noted that I probably need to replace his heat lamp with a higher watt bulb. As I stood up, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye that should not have been there.

In the middle of my living room, basking in the late morning sun, was a lizard.

I have no problems with lizards, other than a vague belief that they belong either outside or in a tank (much like Cassidy and his brethren). Mildly amused, the Wanderer and I chased the unwanted houseguest back into the garden. I knelt in front of Cassidy’s tank and continued the process of moving him and his kit.

As I pulled the plug for his heat lamp out of the wall, an explosion of ants (dear Lord, let them be ants and not termites) erupted from the power point/socket and swarmed all over the wall. I was vexed.

While contemplating the new invaders (does anyone remember the last time I tried to deal with these bastards?), a large spider ambled between me and the snake tank, moving on past me to the right and into the TV/DVD/stereo stand. I watched in dumb amazement. Individually, I don’t think much of all this. But experiencing three separate mini-plagues in my house within five minutes of each other (all while I’m standing there with a snake twined about my forearm) does give me the wiggins.

It’s Mars, I’m tellin’ ya. We won’t be safe until it’s out of our sky…