Knitters and cumulative action

by dixie

I think that’s the term, anyway. It’s a concept that people aren’t born understanding, but have to be taught: that one small thing done over and over and over can add up to something very big. (A beloved example is water wearing away a stone, or the Grand Canyon being carved out by the Colorado River.) The Yarn Harlot talked about it on her last book tour in the context of charity fundraising. The folks at MSF started calling her to figure out how she managed to raise more than $300,000 $400,000 from her blog readers.

Knitters get this concept. When you wake up one morning and realize you’ll never have to wear store-bought socks ever again because you can’t go to the cinema or stand around or watch TV without keeping your hands busy, you gain the visceral understanding that one small thing (a knit stitch, or a $10 donation) done over and over adds up to something big (a drawer full of socks, or $400K for charity).

In two days, the “10 Lousy Bucks” group on Ravelry raised $30,000, enough to pay off Ravelry’s startup costs.

I am so proud.