Weekend Reading LIV

by uber

Educational Requirements for Policing

Do you need a B.A. to be a policeman? I’d be interested to consider what the relevant list of degrees might be. For some jobs, merely having ‘a’ degree meant you could probably hit the bar that the job required (hence the notion that a Classic degree has purpose outside of the study of Juvenal). The Garda College here has two- and four- year programmes.


Nowadays, officers are expected to juggle a variety of tasks and that takes more education, chiefs said. Officers communicate with the public, solve problems, navigate different cultures, use computers, radios and other technology while on the move, and make split-second decisions about use of force with a variety of high-tech tools on their belt. And many of those decisions are recorded by squad car dashboard cameras, officer body cameras and even bystanders with smartphones.

Irish Neo-Nazi party

Seems it was a hard life being a Nazi in Ireland. I can’t say I am sad to hear that.


Commander Byrne was attacked yet again on Sunday, and received 36 stitches – 22 to his left leg and 14 to his left arm. Two red creeps tried to get into his office and knocked a big wire grille down on top of him. I am told that the Commander managed to get one of them with a hatchet in the body – but so far there has been no red body found. This makes 116 stitches the Commander has had in wounds this year, or rather, the last 10 months. We really need some help – we can’t even buy a gun, or a proper big knife, over here, due to the IRA Special Power acts etc.

Identifying code in movie scenes

There must be great opportunity to insert all sorts of references or nods in things like this.


In the TV series Revolution (series 1, episode 6) some of the source code of the Apple II version of Prince of Persia is shown.

Smartphones are Devastating Photojournalism

Compare the notion of the ‘networked lens‘ to the classic reaction of a profession under threat, as seen in this article. I think Kottke’s observations is the killer line.
I am also reminded of David Lynch’s condemnation of the iPhone.


“It’s outrageous to think that taking photos on an iPhone are the same as the work of some of the really talented people that I work with.”

UK Armed Police to be equipped with Cameras

I wonder how long before the first ‘PC A‘ event will happen? By that I mean the first time that a camera (especially another officer’s camera) captures an event which would not have had the evidence to secure a prosecution in the past.

They are also asking them, it will be interesting to see the union response.


“In pursuance of that we’re going to ask them to wear video cameras, so that we can record this type of incident, and I’m going to meet many people from across London, leaders from the Haringey community, to see what we need to do to work together to improve the confidence in the Met for those members of society who may feel that this has damaged their confidence in any way.”

Pay-per-minute Cafés

These make sense, especially if you have clients who are using your place as a third space. I don’t suppose people are likely to abuse the treats or coffee, but that could happen.


Ziferblat means clock face in Russian and German (Zifferblatt). The idea is guests take an alarm clock from the cupboard on arrival and note the time, then keep it with them, before, quite literally, clocking out at the end. There’s no minimum time. Guests can also get stuck into the complimentary snacks (biscuits, fruit, vegetables), or prepare their own food in the kitchen; they can help themselves to coffee from the professional machine, or have it made for them. There’s even a piano – an idea that could seem brilliant or terrible, depending on who takes the seat.

Missing the Big Picture on Nutrition

I’ve been feeling suitably sorry for myself after truly letting go over Christmas and having to revert. There is absolutely no doubt that I almost-painfully wish I could return to the days of eating whatever I wanted in whatever quantity I felt like. I know I have to grow up and face it. I do think that it’s important to look at articles like this, though, which illustrate that it’s about taking responsibility for managing what you eat, and obesity is not the food’s fault.


If we fixate on gluten, we can have gluten-free junk. If grains are bad, there are innumerable ways to eat badly without them, just as there are with them. If meat is the enemy, there is a whole universe of variations on the theme of vegan junk food to explore.