Weekend Reading LXXX

by uber

A More Pseudonymous Internet

The hardest thing about social features in software is that they make explicit and solid something that is largely subconscious and fluid. Perceptions of friendship are asymmetric (one person may consider another their best friend, but without equal reciprocal rating. It doesn’t affect the relationship unless that imbalance becomes explicit). I don’t think that people think in circles, and they don’t really know who would go in what circle anyway. Interfaces like google+ encourage the creation of such structures, but they are unusably awkward in my experience.


An Empire of Stars

The degree to which post-war Britain was economically and socially shattered can never be overstated. It wasn’t until 1954 that rationing ended completely.


Running: Toe or Heel?

Run fast, run straight, run quiet. It seems that avoiding injury is about making sure you don’t let anything get too stressed: too much heel, too much foot, etc. I know I tend to drag my right foot and slip back to heel strikes as I get tired, so I start more fore-foot to compensate. I also pronate a bit too much, so I try and keep my feet straight. Going through the mental inventory of joints every few minutes feels good over the course of the jog.

This is one of those things that’s difficult to study, I imagine, because these sorts of injuries build progressively, and anything acute massively over-rides the chronic load. One huge factor that I am (all too) aware of is that bodyweight would appear to be a major component of successful running: less impact from less mass helps every sort of landing.


A Diablo 3 Story

One thing that might, perhaps predictably, have struck me is that the programmer didn’t do too well financially out of this. On the one hand he didn’t take the risk, nor did he really have the important part: the patterns. On the other hand, it’s a fairly representative example of a lot of situations where the techie really misses on the big payout.


How the Sun Sees You

I’ve been relatively fortunate to find that I am not too sensitive to sunlight, and don’t have the ‘tans like a rasher in a frying pan’ complexion of many of my compatriots.