Weekend Reading XCXII

by uber

Toxicity in Reddit


How Tripadvisor has Changed Travel

The first two sources I use are Tripadvisor and Wikitravel for any place I plan to go, I even write reviews. The reviews are highly variable, but I’ve found that in general the trends are reliable. One thing I can never understand is why people add photos of themselves to the traveller pictures, it seems especially common for ‘dining’ photos to have a random group shot.


Anatomy of an Opera

One of the things I would like to do in all that spare time I theoretically have is to get more engaged with opera. I would love to see the full Ring Der Nieblung in its glory. I’d want to know how it compared to its comic interpretation.

What’s missing from this 13-year-old girl’s iPhone home screen?

I had guessed what it was before opening the article. We got to portable networked personal devices by thinking of them as phones, much as we got to mechanical transportation by thinking of them as horses. In both cases, they metaphor stretched just thinly enough to give us a bridge for new social norms and affordance to emerge. Will watches stretch us to real wearables?


Researchers create genetic map of the British Isles

The image in the article is actually misleading: Ireland is only included from the Northern Irish population. There is some data around the Irish population, and a similar study..