Weekend Reading XCXIII

by uber

TIE Anime Short

The Tie Fighter game is for me a stand out classic of the whole medium of computer games. It combined a genuinely fun game with a real sense of challenge and progression, and a fantastic, multi-threaded storyline of conspiracies, mysticism and politics.

TIE fighters are unshielded, slow, and seem to be made of cardboard. They have two puny lasers. You are up against stainless steel X-Wings, quicksilver A-Wings; even the outdated Y-Wing or Z-95 is better-equipped, armed and tougher. There are no elderly TIE pilots. By the time you progress to the Interceptor, or ultimately the shielded Tie-Advanced, you feel like you have earned true Ace status.

West Virginia Governor Vetoes Typo-strewn Bill

I was ready to read that this was some cynical ploy to undermine the legislature, but actually I think the Governor is probably in the righ here. There seem to be material errors in the drafting.


List of Known Wikipedia Hoaxes

Another Wikipedia curiosity, like the edit wars or the end of the world plan. I wonder how often this gets edited to include 9/11 or other controversies?


Lithium Deposition in Batteries

My watch is not battery powered, it is wound, and rewound by movement. I wonder will that or some other thing ultimately replace the cell at this small scale? In the meantime our cars are increasingly likely to become battery-powered, and perhaps even our homes.


Factors Affecting what Diners Spend

It seems that virtually all of the perception of hunger and satiety are ethereal signals unrelated to how much energy we’ve actually consumed.


The Devil’s Rope

As our utilities markets privatise, they are beginning to look again at their networks of holes in the ground and stations, and their experience with customer management. The result is things like the Gas company rolling out optic fibre.


Everything You need to know about AI

This is the first of a two part article. There is enormous anxiety about how people will use data, what algorithms are deciding and the prejudice of data-driven economies. There’s far, far too much emotion, ignorance and hype in my view. Sadly, a plea for rationality through facts will probably only anger people more.


Stanford Study on Problem-solving in Student Programming

There are classes of problem in programming that are muddy mires that you cannot compute your way out of. There’s also a challenge that computers can’t tell in advance if they are going to be able to finish the programs that they have been given.
In principle, this is why students learn Computer Science rather than programming. In practice, most people learn this the hard way even when warned.


The Shut-in Economy

There’s a lot of criticism that the startup model encourages solving problems that only make sense if you’re a startup founder. I’m not sure it’s mis-targeted, it also feels like companies from the US which should be more global still really think US-first and English-only.


1930s India as Seen through Japanese Woodblock Prints

I particularly like to see the foreign viewpoint of a common reference point. I’ve seen the Taj Mahal and Fatehpur Sikri, and there is an essential familiarity from these drawings, as well as an ethereal difference. There is a large database of ukiyo-e here.