Weekend Reading CXVIII

by uber

Science the Shit out of it

Seems to come from the category of linguistic things where intensely negative has evolved to become a neutral intensifier. See also “terrific”, which ameliorated the crap out of itself over time. I still haven’t satisfied myself on the question of when the scatalogical curse words became worse than the religious ones.


Data Flow

These rooms look antiseptic and episcopal, but the roar of air from the fans within and the dry air would give them the feel of dark satanic mills.


Tokyo’s Abandoned Homes

There’s always great hazard in predicting complex trends like population from past data, but it’s very hard to see what can possibly happen in Japan. How will the country and society evolve if they don’t take in mass immigration, and where would such immigration come from?


How to Make a $1,500 Sandwich in only Six Months

I think his reaction is pretty obvious given that actually, his recipe looks pretty terrible. Clearly he chose some parts for practical reasons, such as the chicken. Good sandwiches are hard to make, they are a delicate balance of ingredients. Some sandwiches work even if the some of the individual parts aren’t high-quality, and many are tied up with memory of taste. The PB&J seems a perfect example of this.

The Forever War

The Irish position in Western civilisation is a nuanced one when it comes to war. Neutral(-ish) in WW2, probably better to describe us as unaligned but leaning during the Cold War. The result is that our society is not very militarised. Travelling to Europe, let alone the States, I am struck at how much more connected and visible the military is.


Daniel Thompson, Whose Bagel Machine Altered the American Diet, Dies at 94

“Proper” bagels are boiled in a Sodium Hydroxide solution. I’ve tasted some that were very indifferent: white bread in a doughnut shape; but the ones with a thick, chewy centre and a crisp crust are a worthy treat.