Weekend Reading CXXXIX

by uber

Magic Leap

I bet floating jellyfish in the room will be the spinning dancing baby gif of the mid-21st Century.


The Evil Corporation Trope

With the automation of jobs beginning to touch more skilled areas, the anxiety of the saboteur has begin to touch the bourgeois.


Visualising the World’s Shipping Routes


No Great Technological Stagnation

Perhaps the next generation will perceive significant advance because we have reached the point where the infrastructure (GPS, Internet, etc) have reached their end of life. Technology needs to advance at an exponential rate to give people a linear experience. That’s what makes the challenge so great.


Inside Emojigeddon: the Fight over the Future of Unicode


Do you even Language, Bro?


Visualising the World’s Shipping Lanes


Blue & The Green

Randomly popped up on the Tweeting machine, and I found it pleasing.