Weekend Reading CLXXI

by uber

Writing For Half-Life

I’d still like to know what the thinking was in respect to the Xen levels. The first-person platforming experience and the move from intelligent, tactical enemies to stupid aliens was, at best, controversial.


Breaking Convnets

Androids do dream of electric sheep.


Bringing Pokémon Go to the Google Cloud

Scaling wildly successful products has become extraordinarily effective since companies like Amazon and Google have become the world’s devops teams.


How Deep Learning has Changed our Lives

The biggest effects will probably be very subtle, with things like automatic email reply features and


Goldman’s Libya Salesman was a little too Good


The Man who brought you BrExit

This paints Hannan as a modern Powell. I feel like there’s a vision for a (English-led, of course) Anglosphere, but I think it is fantasy.


Remembering Joe Postel

There are still some remarkable folks at the heart of the internet, despite how commercial and established it has become,