Weekend Reading CLXXXVI

by uber

So this is basically Cowboy Bebop

Spoiler Warning, if you haven’t seen it. The music accompanying the show is perhaps some of my favourite of anything.

The aftermath of Nigeria’s fight against corruption: Officials have luxury cars, but can’t afford gas



Searching for Half Life 3

I remember taking the morning off from work to play through the first few scence of HL2. It was a truly immersive experience, it really felt like being in a movie. The roof-top chase, the crackle of the Combine soldiers’ voices. If you haven’t read Concerned, it’s a feast.


An Inferno on the Head of a Pin


The dream of Ara: Inside the rise and fall of the world’s most revolutionary phone

I never thought the blocks idea was practical, or to be honest especially desirable. The videos seem fun, but I couldn’t see myself buying lots of accessories. More importantly, I feel that it would be better to attack electronic waste (a very real problem) by making devices and supply-chains more effective at recovering the materials.


San Escobar, a Masterclass in Accidental Nation-Building

Some imaginary places become real.