Weekend Reading CXCIV

by uber

The Vatican’s Latinist

There’s a singularity of purpose that reminds me of Erdos


Quote Unquote (Quotation Gangs and violence in India)

The Indian perspective on how to use the English language continues to amaze me. There are certainly some Hinglish words that deserve wider distribution. They are truly for global toppers.


802.eleventy what? A deep dive into why Wi-Fi kind of sucks

The great confusion got severe when things like 802.11g got implemented in an extremely vendor-specific way based solely on draft specifications. The difference that they allude to here between wired and wireless is that wired networks are Collision Detection (CSMA-CD) based, while WiFi is Collision Avoidance CSMA-CA.


Ten Deep Learning Terms Explained in Simple English

Deep Learning has performed at an extraordinary level in a phenomenal number of application areas. There are numerous exciting developments in architectures and approaches.


Compile (Wolf3D) like it’s 1992

These days game development happens with complex engines that handle drawing, display, physics, input, networking, and all sorts of other complex layers of functionality. The two most prominent, Unity and the Unreal Engine are commonly used.



One must imagine sSissyphusss happy