Weekend Reading CXCVI

by uber

Names that Make Computers Go Crazy

O-space-C, OC, O'C but nearly never O'C. It’s so common, I know the apostrophe escape code by heart.


Meet the Artist using Ritual Magic to trap self-driving cars

Clickbait title, I’m afraid. Adversarial network research is a developing area. It’s already possible to create images that don’t fool humans, but do fool computers.
The idea of (perhaps) being able to print a semi-transparent overlay for street signs to change speed limits or stop signs could be a source of real mayhem.


Clickspring: Antikythera

The creator’s previous work on building a clock was YouTube gold. He has a clear voice, a sharp eye for photography, and a great understanding of balancing detail with perspective. The work is also beautiful. I find the ancient Greek computer a truly fascinating idea, and will watch this with interest.

Space is Hard

Having briefly felt the gut-punch of losing source code, or draft papers. The thought of several years of work exploding in fiery peril would break my heart.