Weekend Reading CC

by uber

How We Built /r/place

Sadly, I missed this because I was driving across America (from Virginia to California), but /r/ireland did a plucky job.


Museum of Failure

I hope I don’t end up as the creator of an exhibit. On the other hand, in one sense, isn’t a spectacular failure at least notable for its magnitude?


Medieval Hazing: Freshman Orientation in the Middle Ages


An Oral History of Something Awful

These were heady days, my friend. I remember when userfriendly and Penny Arcade were funny, when AYB was fresh, and when you knew a meme was cold because you saw it on slashdot.


A History of Drunk Jurors

Herodotus tells us that the Persians made decisions drunk, and confirmed them sober. Who are we to think the ancients unwise?