Weekend Reading CCV

by uber

Bringing Back the Somali Shilling

The M-Pesa system started in Kenya fills an incredible number of niches where existing infrastructure failed or doesn’t exist. It allowed developing nations to leap over developed ones, to some extent. Person to Person payment seems more developed in the US than I remember it being in Europe, too.


The Boston Globe’s Dorchester Printing Plant goes Dark

The long tenures of the subjects, the familial connections, and the sheer size and violence of the edifice make its transience almost unimaginable. The closure of the giant press is certainly symbolic of the state of media in general.

Stack Overflow: Helping One Million Developers Exit Vim

I wonder is there a keyboard layout issue? :q might be even harder for some locales. I certainly began to understand why # was everywhere when shift-3 stopped being € / £


Demonstration of Soil Liquefaction

After 117 Days in the Bay, I still have not experienced any earthquakes. If the Big One comes, I’ll be sure to tweet


Random Mediaeval Town Generator

A gem from /r/proceduralgeneration