Weekend Reading CCVIII

by uber

A Photo of James Comey Takes the Internet by Storm

Comey is very tall, he towers over people as he walks with his entourage, and it often makes photos of him seem awkward.

(h/t Mr E)

Hoverboards, Vapes, and Spinners are Reshaping the Economy

I have become addicted to Spinners too. They are a good way of stopping me from doodling in meetings, but if I am found beaten to death with one we will know why. Interestingly, they only really
took off when the patent expired. All three products are characterised by not having a dominant manufacturer, but rather dozens to hundreds of Chinese makers.


The Lost Genius of the Post Office

Missile post seems to me to be a perfect element from a Fallout-type setting


Decommissioning the North Sea

So much for Scottish dreams of Scandinavian Glory.