Weekend Reading CCXVII

by uber

The Invention of the Illuminati

Of course, this is the line they want you to believe, especially as appear to be in the year when we finally immanentize the eschaton.


The Dan Plan: Trying (and failing) at 10,000 hours of Golf

Injury goes from a risk, to a preoccupation, to a virtual certainty as age advances.


The Body Language of Power

I often wonder how Dr. Merkel would have performed under other media and electoral regimes.


Computer Security and Privacy in DNA Sequencing

Writing secure software is extremely hard. Part of the problem comes from the fact that the architecture we use for computing confuses data and execution. If we didn’t do that, then a huge amount of flexibility would be lost, but the cost is eternal vigilance.


The Sum of Infinite Natural Numbers is -1/12

Mathematical Hocus Pocus of the first order

Hail Eris