Weekend Reading CCXXIV

by uber

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The Corrosion of High School Debate & how it Mirrors American Politics

The rules govern the behaviour.


Inside the Different Models of iPhone

The self-repair movement gets a lot of air-time, but I wonder how practical it really is to require manufacturers make things accessible, or at least not obstructive to repair.


Is your D&D Character Rare?

There are very strong mechanical reasons for certain classes to align with certain races.


Photos before Photoshop

Ansel Adams said: ‘You don’t take a photograph, you make it’.
I have childhood memories of a real dark room. They were mysterious places that I feel are lost these days.

How to Persuade Terrorists to Spill their Secrets

There’s a lit of tropes that exist especially in the pseudo-espionage fiction (like Black List, 24, etc) that need to be discredited. This includes instant knock-out gas, truth serums, pixel enhancement, and the ticking-bomb interrogation.