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Weekend Reading CCIX

by uber

The Inside Story of Texas Instruments’ Biggest Blunder: The TMS9900 Microprocessor I encountered the 68k first in my childhood computer (an Amiga 500), and later in college, when we built a computer from wire-wrapped circuits, and coded 68k assembly on it. 16th Century Diplomatic Excuses Brexit is going fine. Click the link to see […]

Weekend Reading CCVIII

by uber

A Photo of James Comey Takes the Internet by Storm Comey is very tall, he towers over people as he walks with his entourage, and it often makes photos of him seem awkward. (h/t Mr E) Hoverboards, Vapes, and Spinners are Reshaping the Economy I have become addicted to Spinners too. They are a […]

Weekend Reading CCVII

by uber

The Strange Loop in Deep Learning Currently, large organisations have the advantage of large data sets and large amounts of computing power. It’s interesting to know if the trend will flip back under GAN-type scenarios. The History of the IBM PC The costs of these devices in those days was staggering. Is the […]

Weekend Reading CCVI

by uber

Why do so few people major in computer science? It’s worth reading this article to the end, since the revisions answer the question, but reveal an interesting trend. I certainly felt the force of the market as a student 99-03. The years before me were packed with computer engineers, my year and the years after […]

Weekend Reading CCV

by uber

Bringing Back the Somali Shilling The M-Pesa system started in Kenya fills an incredible number of niches where existing infrastructure failed or doesn’t exist. It allowed developing nations to leap over developed ones, to some extent. Person to Person payment seems more developed in the US than I remember it being in Europe, too. […]