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OSR fuelling NaNoWriMo

by xaosseed

I wrote a draft novel for Nanowrimo this year and short circuited a lot of the world-building by setting it up the road from where my current campaign is set. This had one or two neat pieces to it because it was easy to have the characters rattle on about their concerns and what was […]

Delving Of Ancient Tomes

by xaosseed

Over the past couple of months, prompted by some idle throughts during Nanowrimo, I have been digging back through old campaign notes to see what actually remains. Two things are notable, first that very little remains of the Kraken Mesa game, or at least very little on paper. I find some bits noting the in […]

Clockwork Universe

by xaosseed

This is the start of a new adventures. I am going to talk a little about world building; something I find I do quite a lot – whether for stories or for background settings for RPG campaigns. This is mostly going to discuss what I call “clockwork universe” which is pretty much the polar opposite […]

Warcraft, Devourer

by xaosseed

So I took up WoW. And now I’m posting about it just to have used the ‘Warcrack’ tag.

Once More Through The Mass Relay

by xaosseed

Just finished playing Mass Effect 2. All that follows hereafter is peppered with spoilers for ME1 & ME2. [Spoiler Warning – Mass Effect 1, Mass Effect 2]