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Weekend Reading CC

by uber

How We Built /r/place Sadly, I missed this because I was driving across America (from Virginia to California), but /r/ireland did a plucky job. Museum of Failure I hope I don’t end up as the creator of an exhibit. On the other hand, in one sense, isn’t a spectacular failure at least notable for […]

Weekend Reading CXCIX

by uber

How Spotify Shuffles Songs Humans are so terrible at stochastic processes, it’s so random. A very long way from home: Byzantine Artefacts around the World A very long way from home: early Byzantine finds at the far ends of the world The silk road is reborn as the ‘one belt, one road’ policy. A […]

Weekend Reading CXCVIII

by uber

For 18 years, I thought she was stealing my identity. Until I found her There are <a href=””>4,542 people</a> with the same name as the Author in the US. There are approximately two hundred and forty million adults in the USA. They don’t merely share a birthday (1/365 chance) but year as well. <a href=””></a> […]

Weekend Reading CXCVII

by uber

Remember Zip Disks? These Election Departments do I lived out of (several) Zip disks for the duration of my undergraduate career. The click of death of a drive chewing a disk still stalks my nightmares. Primitive Technology This fellow builds huts and traps and other things in the Australian wilderness from scratch. It’s real-life […]

Random Observations about America

by uber

I moved to the Bay Area* at the end of January to take up a job in the dreaded private sector. I am no longer nestled in the ivory towers of academe. It was a rather extended process for me to get over here, including a several-month-long process of obtaining permission to work. That in […]