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Great Falls Interlude

by dixie

I lived in DC for four years as a college student, which breaks down to three academic years and four summers. Students have a very different relationship to their settings than non-students do; undergrads experience their universities differently than postgrads do, and that’s different again from staff or faculty. Living as a student in college […]

Calgary, eh?

by dixie

The person behind me has taken a phone call. Also, we’re on the honour system for landing prep due to turbulence. — From my journal, IAD-IAH, as the plane entered the final descent into IAH After the SFO debacle I ran headlong back to DC and collected myself. I showered, I slept, I went for […]

Distillate of Scribbling Know-How

by xaosseed

I’ve been grinding away on the book and I want to write down a couple of technique things here in case I forget them.

Scrobbling Across the Web

by xaosseed

The internet, it has its uses. Finding distant cousins, extending the life of games through mods, keeping up with news, providing reading material.

Current State of Content Creation

by xaosseed

Watching a merry band of pirates rip shred what was supposed to be the new business model for content creation – the Dr. Horrible ‘free for a time, then pay to download’ – I wondered what *is* the thinking on how one should get media to pay? I remember the Naked one giving a big […]