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Weekend Reading: Hiatus

by uber

After numerous posts, and even more examples of bad Roman numerals. I am suspending my link posting. Thank you for your attention.

Weekend Reading CCXXXII

by uber

Why a Hedge Fund Started a Video Games Competition The CTO of this Hedge Fund was one of the people who started Google Research’s hybrid model. He had a very interesting perspective on the difficulties of creating effective but innovative research inside large commercial organisations. Map Showing How much Time it takes to Learn […]

Weekend Reading CCXXXI

by uber

Scrabble Pros recount their Best and Worst Plays I’ve recently dipped back into playing Words with Friends, via kottke Developers Share their Most Memorable Dirty Coding Tricks The QA process for video games on consoles is intense. QA sounds like a terribly difficult job. The Impossibility of Intelligence Explosion There is a post-millennial melancholy […]

Weekend Reading CCXXX

by uber

Happy Thanksgiving The German Town that’s Literally Breaking Apart The placement of the wells in close proximity to the town, combined with the low compensation paid, are both troubling. [PDF]

Weekend Reading CCXXIX

by uber The Token Handbook Tokens are a high-risk but highly innovative asset class for new organisations. They can be a way to create a decentralised hybrid of kickstarter, seed investment, and engagement tool. Magic the Gathering is Turing Complete Time to get writing on a Game of Life in Cards Inside a Low-Budget […]