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Knitters and cumulative action

by dixie

I think that’s the term, anyway. It’s a concept that people aren’t born understanding, but have to be taught: that one small thing done over and over and over can add up to something very big. (A beloved example is water wearing away a stone, or the Grand Canyon being carved out by the Colorado […]

Burning libraries

by dixie

Seeing the Wanderer’s post at the top of Cobweb for so long has given me the beginnings of the flu. I need to write something before this gets much worse.

My annual weekend off

by dixie

Every year and a half or so I find I’ve had enough and desperately need to get away for a few days. This time, I went to Santa Clara for this.

Santa is visiting the US a little early

by dixie

Or, in other words, if you want the Wanderer and me to haul anything uniquely American over to Eire for you, now is the time to tell us. As warned, I have not shipped out that salt, so uber’s box of kosher salt is first on the list. If there are any Irish knitters still […]


by dixie

The new issue of Knitty is up, which I expect will excite only a fraction of the people who read this. I flipped through the patterns, found several I really like, and one that I will probably knit in the next few weeks. (Sorry Mountain Goat, your Christmas pressie will be late this year.) There […]