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OSR fuelling NaNoWriMo

by xaosseed

I wrote a draft novel for Nanowrimo this year and short circuited a lot of the world-building by setting it up the road from where my current campaign is set. This had one or two neat pieces to it because it was easy to have the characters rattle on about their concerns and what was […]

Connections: Chicago

by dixie

Chicago always knows what I need and cheerfully gives it to me. Over the years I’ve been in and out of Chicago for work, college, family visits, and randomness. If one is to spend a month flying United, it would be easier to cross Ireland without passing a pub than it would be to avoid […]

Asheville: An unexpected draught of life

by dixie

Asheville is an achingly hip, craft beer soaked, delightfully southern town nestled in the heart of the first mountains I ever loved. I’d been there as a kid, travelling with a youth choir, but I was curious to see what I would make of the place as a grownup. I noticed instantly that people seemed […]

Small but perfectly formed

by dixie

I grew up thinking airports were gigantic things, self-contained cities in their own right, whirling and spinning, the equivalent of a class 5 white water rapid in the river of moving humanity. I eventually discovered this was not the case, though it wasn’t until my first trip to Italy to really appreciate how small an […]

Pittsburgh: We’re still not okay.

by dixie

In the odd butterfly effect way that air travel happens, a cancelled flight to Cincinnati has caused me to have to stay in the Pittsburgh airport while trying to get to DC. It is the latest chapter in a long story of travel-related disaster focused on this city. I’m beginning to think Pittsburgh doesn’t like […]