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OSR fuelling NaNoWriMo

by xaosseed

I wrote a draft novel for Nanowrimo this year and short circuited a lot of the world-building by setting it up the road from where my current campaign is set. This had one or two neat pieces to it because it was easy to have the characters rattle on about their concerns and what was […]

Nine Lessons Drawn from NaNoWriMo

by xaosseed

I am cruising in towards landing my NaNoWriMo for 2015 – the first time I’ve really done the challenged. I had a go back in 2011 and choked out fairly rapidly though that book did subsequently get finished as Book II. Book I was cannibalized from a rag pickers collection of all sorts of stuff […]

Distillate of Scribbling Know-How

by xaosseed

I’ve been grinding away on the book and I want to write down a couple of technique things here in case I forget them.

Silver Amongst The Lead

by xaosseed

The book is more done now. It has an ending and better pacing and more focus. Enough of all the above? Unknown, to be confirmed through external channels. Though now I’ve found my endings I think I can more happily tweak the middle to point it in the right direction and lop off the bits […]

Further Into The Desert Of Beta

by xaosseed

As you may have guessed from my last utterly pointless waste of bytes, the writing, it does not go well. I think its something like rule 29 or such – ‘if you’re blogging, you’re not writing’. Especially if its idiotic blogging that involves both google earth and wikipedia (forging a time sink whole orders of […]