Back once again with the renegade master.

Weekend Reading CCXXVIII

by uber

Life Inside the RVs of Silicon Valley

With prices even further on the rise here, there are very few places to go. The whole peninsula, from SF City down past Sunnyvale is almost the same price for rent because each small town has an associated big company and crazy planning laws.

Sitting in an Isolation Room for Exactly an Hour

You have several placeholder options to choose from, if you don’t time with a song.

Personal Ads of the 1970s

Swiped off the desk, into the bin.

Using Economics to Find Lost Cities

I love the quantitative aspects of history and archæology.

Do Courtesy Titles Matter?

The charm of being called Dr. wears off fairly quickly, but I nevertheless feel some regret at never having made it to ‘Prof‘.

What Happens If China Makes First Contact?

Perhaps this facility is indeed being used for its stated purpose, but I suspect the briefly-mentioned covert applications are the true purpose.

Weekend Reading CCXXVII

by uber

Dan Brown is a very Bad Writer

Can 200 million readers be wrong? It seems so.

How Software Projects got their Name

Building a Twitter bot that entered—and won—1,000 online contests for me

I once won a free hamburger in a tweet, but never got around to collecting it.

Weekend Reading CCXXVI

by uber

The Uncanny Resurrection of Dungeons & Dragons

From my perspective, it never really went away. It is very pleasing to think that there are so many kindred spirits out there.

The Original End of Dungeons & Dragons

I have a soft spot for the murder hobo model of D&D Adventuring

The most Famous Selfies of All Time

We may have Australia to blame for the word, but we don’t know who exactly is responsible.

Why We Must Fight for the Right to Repair Our Electronics

I have mixed feelings about this, as the number of counterfeit and low-quality parts is a huge problem. The portability, waterproofing, and other aspects of products could also be compromised by onerous repair requirements.

Weekend Reading CCXXV

by uber

Transit and Peering: How your requests reach GitHub

There are vast amounts of complexity hidden behind the rotations of the spinner in your browser’s UI

Why no-one can prevent Elon Musk from dwarfing the airline industry

Hyperloop or not, the data about how airlines make money is instructive.

George Saunders on How to Tell a Story

The speaker recently won the Man Booker for his debut novel, Lincoln in the Bardo.

The [ill-fated] Antarctic Snow Cruiser

Weekend Reading CCXXIV

by uber

Something has broken in our database that causes the automatic publication to fail.

The Corrosion of High School Debate & how it Mirrors American Politics

The rules govern the behaviour.

Inside the Different Models of iPhone

The self-repair movement gets a lot of air-time, but I wonder how practical it really is to require manufacturers make things accessible, or at least not obstructive to repair.

Is your D&D Character Rare?

There are very strong mechanical reasons for certain classes to align with certain races.

Photos before Photoshop

Ansel Adams said: ‘You don’t take a photograph, you make it’.
I have childhood memories of a real dark room. They were mysterious places that I feel are lost these days.

How to Persuade Terrorists to Spill their Secrets

There’s a lit of tropes that exist especially in the pseudo-espionage fiction (like Black List, 24, etc) that need to be discredited. This includes instant knock-out gas, truth serums, pixel enhancement, and the ticking-bomb interrogation.