Back once again with the renegade master.

Weekend Reading CCXX

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I used to take my bus from the stop beside where the subject of this documentary sleeps. The climate in Dublin is a harsh, cold, wet one to be outdoors.

An Academic History of Bitcoin

Much like the WWW, it’s fascinating to see what the requisite set of features and timing was the one that caused global impact.

Camera Gear Destroyed by the Solar Eclipse

The eclipse was partial where I was, but it was a compelling image. The power of the Sun is easy to forget but potentially deadly.

How to Regulate Artificial Intelligence

This set of laws seems actually useful, especially the liability one. People have an odd sense of anthropomorphic exceptionalism.

Hamlet applies for a Research Fellowship

The PI failed to include adequate explanation of the objective of the study to the subjects.

Weekend Reading CCXIX

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Now with actual links!

In case you’re wondering what the differences between category 1-5 hurricanes are

Astonishing violence

The Princess Myth

I am a great fan of Hilary Mantel, her essay on Kate Midleton was misread to a regrettable degree.

Plots without Conflict

One thing I love about this is that the essay itself is so aggressively conflict-driven.

My head is fighting my heart; fear is fighting hope over the new Blade Runner movie. Will it be IndyIV or will it be EpisodeVII?

Weekend Reading CCXVIII

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Weekend Reading CCXVII

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The Invention of the Illuminati

Of course, this is the line they want you to believe, especially as appear to be in the year when we finally immanentize the eschaton.

The Dan Plan: Trying (and failing) at 10,000 hours of Golf

Injury goes from a risk, to a preoccupation, to a virtual certainty as age advances.

The Body Language of Power

I often wonder how Dr. Merkel would have performed under other media and electoral regimes.

Computer Security and Privacy in DNA Sequencing

Writing secure software is extremely hard. Part of the problem comes from the fact that the architecture we use for computing confuses data and execution. If we didn’t do that, then a huge amount of flexibility would be lost, but the cost is eternal vigilance.

The Sum of Infinite Natural Numbers is -1/12

Mathematical Hocus Pocus of the first order

Hail Eris

Weekend Reading CCXVI

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Slight Street Sign Modifications Can Completely Fool Machine Learning Algorithms

Adversarial examples like this could also be used for interesting applications for steganographic applications

Document: The Symbolism Survey

I was very much turned off poetry especially in my youth by edicts telling me what symbolism occurred where, and being compelled to learn those associations as though they were immutable facts.