Back once again with the renegade master.

Weekend Reading CLXXXVI

by uber

So this is basically Cowboy Bebop

Spoiler Warning, if you haven’t seen it. The music accompanying the show is perhaps some of my favourite of anything.

The aftermath of Nigeria’s fight against corruption: Officials have luxury cars, but can’t afford gas


Searching for Half Life 3

I remember taking the morning off from work to play through the first few scence of HL2. It was a truly immersive experience, it really felt like being in a movie. The roof-top chase, the crackle of the Combine soldiers’ voices. If you haven’t read Concerned, it’s a feast.

An Inferno on the Head of a Pin

The dream of Ara: Inside the rise and fall of the world’s most revolutionary phone

I never thought the blocks idea was practical, or to be honest especially desirable. The videos seem fun, but I couldn’t see myself buying lots of accessories. More importantly, I feel that it would be better to attack electronic waste (a very real problem) by making devices and supply-chains more effective at recovering the materials.

San Escobar, a Masterclass in Accidental Nation-Building

Some imaginary places become real.

Weekend Reading CLXXXV

by uber

Humans Mourn Loss After Google Is Unmasked as China’s Go Master

“AlphaGo has completely subverted the control and judgment of us Go players,” Mr. Gu, the final player to be vanquished by Master, wrote on his Weibo account. “I can’t help but ask, one day many years later, when you find your previous awareness, cognition and choices are all wrong, will you keep going along the wrong path or reject yourself?”— Gu Li

Did the Chess community suffer the same kind of existential crisis? It’s the surprising rate that Go has become tractable. It might also relate to the way AlphaGo wins, which is so totally unconventional, and the cultural significance of Go, especially in China.

Animated GIFs illustrating the Art of Japanese Wood Joinery

No nails needed, but probably a vast amount of patience and precision.

The Little-Known Patterns on British Streets

These are also applicable to Ireland, I think. Other supports I’ve not seen in Ireland. The future will hopefully see some of the improvments using AR/ML come into commercial reality.

Weekend Reading CLXXXIV

by uber

The Art of the Escort

It feels like you should feel worried, rather than powerful or important, if you need armed security to ferry you through public places. I remain admiring of

The Story of FIFA on Consoles

EA reverse engineered the Genesis so that they could develop their games, because SEGA were too slow.

Changing Other People’s Flight Details

Just as I was leaving Chicago, the inbound Customs computers crashed in a number of other airports.

Amazon has a plan to defend drones from hackers and bow-and-arrow-wielding troublemakers

The Drones are currently designed only to run within 10 miles of the warehouses. I had been thinking that the pinata experience would make them non-viable, but proximity, photography, and smart water cover a lot of those problems.

English man spends 11 hours trying to make cup of tea with Wi-Fi kettle

As an Englishman, he will no doubt regard that as time well spent.

Square Miles of Cities

Above is the image I have generated for Dublin using the same tool. It had its own Wide Streets Commission, and recent work has been focused on a new bridge, on restricting traffic in the City, and remodelling O’Connell St.

How Many Famous People will die in 2017?

The idea of using the number of wikipedias with an article on a person as the measure is a clever one.
The impact of different deaths would also be interesting to attempt to estimate. The Queen of England would seem like she has a high Dead Pool index*. Other people may be immortal.

The index is a function of the age and importance of the person, as well as the suddenness of their death. Elderly but important folks might not be very impactful if it was highly expected, but that’s not always a guarantee.

Weekend Reading CLXXXIII

by uber

Farewell 2016.

The Architecture of Evil: Dystopian Megacorps in Speculative Fiction Films

So many University Campus buildings seem to be candidates for this list. Coincidence, I harbour no doubt.

How a Pen and Paper RPG Brought ‘Star Wars’ Back From the Dead

The Timothy Zahn Thrawn books were a major contributor to resurrecting Star Wars too.

The Movie that doesn’t Exist and the Redittors who think it does.

I initially thought this was going to be about the shared fiction, like Space Marine and Mage, but it’s more about shared delusion. People are highly suggestible, and everyone seems to harbour a few wacky beliefs and misconceptions (myself included). It’s also very hard to overcome them.

Weekend Reading CLXXXII

by uber

A festive Christmas to you all.

Have more famous people died in 2016?

2016 has been a tumultuous year, but whatever decisions were made will only really begin to have effect in the coming year.

A Visual and Interactive Guide to the Basics of Neural Networks

So you’re clear on what our Supreme AI Overlords are thinking.

Why does the Speed of Light in a Vacuum have the value it does?

There’s something thrilling when these results drop out elegantly.

Laser Cooling

So clever to take advantage of the Doppler Effect to sort the particles out.