Back once again with the renegade master.

Weekend Reading CCIV

by uber

Not the one where Gandhi is a maniac.

How to Accidentally Stop a Global Cyber Attack

Who (apart from the authors of this malware) is to blame for this? Is it the NSA, the Equipment Makers, the NHS, or the shrink-wrap software business model?

The Psychological Effects of Growing up with an Extremely Common Name

I am learning all about what types of names people have in my new home, but I think a name should ideally pass the Starbucks test.

Killer Clothing Was All the Rage In the 19th Century

Living here, there’s a real feeling that we could soon do away with the emissions that pervade us from cars. I wonder will we look back on this time as terribly polluted, and how much of our health problems are from that?

Weekend Reading CCIII

by uber

Blogger Ben Yagoda on False Titles

I’ve noticed a lot of American cooking shows and channels use ‘Chef’ this way, to an almost ridiculous degree.


Now with more than Japan

Weekend Reading CCII

by uber

Getting a Japanese Passport

A look inside Airbus’s Epic Assembly Line

As with a previous post about the F-35’s multi-state supply chain, the economics of global manufacturing at scale are affected by an

Judgments: the best opening lines

Denning MR was famous for his purple prose, for destroying the rolls of which he was Master, and for a certain degree of frankness.

Weekend Reading CCI

by uber

The First Ever Banner Ad

Amusingly, the next step in my navigation of the site below was a blocker entreating me to disable my ad-blocker. There have been so many battles in the advertising attention war, with casualties on all sides, but it’s impossible to beat the power of free access.

A Tear-down of the Juicero Juicer

The embarrassment of the Juicero as a product and movement was only aggravated when the CEO of the company posted a rather tone-deaf article. Trying to link a $500 appliance (with a $35-week subscription) to nutrition and innovation was in poor taste.

Why Young Men Queue up to Die in the French Foreign Legion

The Pioneers, with their beards, axes, and aprons, are the most memorable image of the Foreign Legion to me.

How ssh came to Reside on Port 22

The frontier, small-town feel of the early internet still feels somewhat preserved today, despite the incredible importance it has gained.

European Capitals replaced by Cities with the Same Latitude

Greetings from Athens

Weekend Reading CC

by uber

How We Built /r/place

Sadly, I missed this because I was driving across America (from Virginia to California), but /r/ireland did a plucky job.

Museum of Failure

I hope I don’t end up as the creator of an exhibit. On the other hand, in one sense, isn’t a spectacular failure at least notable for its magnitude?

Medieval Hazing: Freshman Orientation in the Middle Ages

An Oral History of Something Awful

These were heady days, my friend. I remember when userfriendly and Penny Arcade were funny, when AYB was fresh, and when you knew a meme was cold because you saw it on slashdot.

A History of Drunk Jurors

Herodotus tells us that the Persians made decisions drunk, and confirmed them sober. Who are we to think the ancients unwise?