Back once again with the renegade master.

Weekend Reading CCXXIII

by uber

Software as Hardware: Apollo’s Rope Memory

You can try out a simulation (in Javascript) of the Apollo Guidance Computer.

A Perpetual Debt

The UK redeemed nearly £2bn in perpetuities in 2014.

Weekend Reading CCXXII

by uber

Assassinating Kim-Jong Nam

The amazing effort to rehearse, and the bizarre modality are fascinating. Why not just shoot/stab him?

The Last Analogue Motion Graphics Machine

The subtle imprecision and squeak of analogue electronica is very hard to replicate

How well logos are remembered

Recognisable and reproducible are clearly not the same thing.

How Behavioural Economics undermines the Enlightenment

We’re long past the Age of Reason

Weekend Reading CCXXI

by uber

House Address Twin Proximity

There seem to be numerous such twins in the Bay Area, and worse there are also enormously long roads with the same name. There’s at least one twin for my apartment, and one for my office, within 50 miles.

…Eventually, she moved to the U.S. and stole my husband!

The Black List

Once this becomes widespread, presumably it loses some of its original value but gains a different authority?

Carving in Stone

I can’t even begin to imagine how to carve living stone.

The Washington Post’s robot reporter has published 850 articles in the past year

The increase in accuracy and consistency is of particular note, I also imagine these articles are mostly also read by machines.

How the international Red Cross turned a PR disaster into DLC

I haven’t played ARMA, but the civilian parts of the Operation Flashpoint: Resistance were especially immersive.

Weekend Reading CCXX

by uber


I used to take my bus from the stop beside where the subject of this documentary sleeps. The climate in Dublin is a harsh, cold, wet one to be outdoors.

An Academic History of Bitcoin

Much like the WWW, it’s fascinating to see what the requisite set of features and timing was the one that caused global impact.

Camera Gear Destroyed by the Solar Eclipse

The eclipse was partial where I was, but it was a compelling image. The power of the Sun is easy to forget but potentially deadly.

How to Regulate Artificial Intelligence

This set of laws seems actually useful, especially the liability one. People have an odd sense of anthropomorphic exceptionalism.

Hamlet applies for a Research Fellowship

The PI failed to include adequate explanation of the objective of the study to the subjects.

Weekend Reading CCXIX

by uber

Now with actual links!

In case you’re wondering what the differences between category 1-5 hurricanes are

Astonishing violence

The Princess Myth

I am a great fan of Hilary Mantel, her essay on Kate Midleton was misread to a regrettable degree.

Plots without Conflict

One thing I love about this is that the essay itself is so aggressively conflict-driven.

My head is fighting my heart; fear is fighting hope over the new Blade Runner movie. Will it be IndyIV or will it be EpisodeVII?